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The Telescopes with Flavor Crystals @ London Fields Brewhouse.

Thursday 22 September 2016 – London. I really like the psychedelic, droney, shoegazey, not sure how you describe them, band, The Telescopes. They have existed in one form or the other since the late 1980s, though the singer Stepen Lawrie … Continue reading

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Stow Festival Friday night.

Friday 16 September 2016 – London. The annual Stow Festival has been running for four years and gets bigger and better each time. It is a weekend long celebration of music in Walthamstow, NE London. Where I live. I am … Continue reading

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Watch your palace fall – Conor Harrington Exhibition.

Thursday 14 September 2016 – London. It has been a long time since I wrote anything about street art or street art related activities. The London scene has shrunk remarkably from those busy, busy days of three of four years … Continue reading

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Emptying the nest.

Sunday 11 September 2016 – Torquay and Exeter, Devon. I am an empty-nester yet again. I don’t talk on here about my family that often , and even less so about El’s, so I am not going to go into … Continue reading

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The Wedding Present instore @ Rough Trade East

Monday 05 September 2016 – London. A second ‘gig’ in four days, though this was not really a proper gig. The Wedding Present sans drummer performed an in-store at Rough Trade East to support the launch of their new album … Continue reading

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Die! Die! Die! @ Birthdays, London.

Friday 02 September 2016 – London. I have not been to many gigs lately, this will only be my fourth this year, excluding the solo set by Martin Phillips from The Chills last week. I have a few small shows … Continue reading

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Advice wanted on Pushkar and camera bags. These things are not related!

Thursday 01 September 2016 – London After a fairly busy period we have had, what seems to be, a quiet couple of weeks. It hasn’t been of course; it is summer and it feels like we have been fully occupied, … Continue reading

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