Street Art – Baroque the streets exhibition in London.

Wednesday May 22 2013 – London.

Yep, I am back in London – again and I will do a more general blog post when I have something worth writing about and the photos to prove I have done it.

What I did do last Saturday was attend “Baroque the streets” a street art festival in Dulwich organised by the very worthy Street Art London. The concept behind the exhibition was for a bunch of well-known international street artists to create pieces based on the historical art works housed in the Dulwich Picture Gallery.

El and I had a late start to the day and headed down to Dulwich in the late morning, via a very nice full English breakfast in Islington on the way. It was another cool day in London and I am hanging out for some warmth to kick this rather delayed spring in to life – maybe I have gotten to used to warm days again ? We took the overland train to Denmark Hill and had a nice walk down to East Dulwich where the street art started. We were not aware that there was a street art walk until we had arrived at the exhibition and found a map – but we did see a good section of the work on the way. Starting with these pieces by Remi Rough and System.


Conor Harrington from Ireland


One of my all time favourites, Stik.



Dscreet from Australia.


One of London based South African, Christiaan Nagel’s famous mushrooms.


The bulk of the work was done in a house at 265 Lordship Lane, the house is soon to be demolished and the owners gave permission for the massive artworks to be completed inside and outside the house. It was very cool, but also quite crowded. It was one of the days when I wished I had my big old Canon camera and its wide-angle lens so I could really capture the art on display, but sadly I had not picked it up from my uncle’s house yet.



Israel’s Broken Fingaz crew on the fence outside.


There were a couple of gems in the garden, including these two pieces by My dog sighs, the first one being my favourite in the house.



There were loads of small pieces by Mexico’s Pablo Delgado all over the place, inside and out.


The garage was painted by Malarky.


And the side of the house by Italy’s RUN.



Cityzen Kane had produced a whole series of very cool sculptures, some on a wall under a mushroom.




There was a fabulous piece by Belgium’s ROA above the back door, like the Phlegm pieces I loved the level of detail in the painting.


Dscreet had a piece outside as well as an entire room inside the house.



France’s Thierry Noir was painting in his room.


The Rolling People had a very cool room, but it was really busy in there so I did not get a chance to capture the whole thing.




Christiaan Nagel room, all created with foam.



Some of the many small Pablo Delgado works scattered all over the house.




As well as these phones. I do not know who did these but I really liked them – if you know please let me know too!




Dscreet had obvioulsy visited the bathroom.


The kitchen had some really cool faces by My dog sighs, I have not knowingly seen his stuff before, but I am definitely going to look for some more.




I bought a poster of the event created by RUN, one day I will actually have a wall to hang it on ! We also grabbed a map of the art on the street as I wanted to find the Phlegm piece before we left.

On the street outside the house we found well known chewing gum painter Ben Wilson at work on the street. Ben has been painting chewing gum that has been left on the side walk for many years.



Just round the corner we found the Phlegm on the side of a house. Wonderful as always!



We both really enjoyed the walk and the art, a fantastic idea and I marvel at the talents of these artists. Thanks Street Art London and Dulwich Picture Gallery for putting on this event.

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Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, now living in London.
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6 Responses to Street Art – Baroque the streets exhibition in London.

  1. Great blog I looked all over for the phlegm piece and couldn’t find it.

    • wheresphil says:

      Thanks ! It was a couple of streets behind 265 Lordship Lane. As always it was s great piece of art.

      I really enjoyed reading your posts on the event, looking forward to seeing some of them.

  2. lidipiri says:

    VERY cool!!!!! And welcome back! We are enjoying this town to the fullest!!!!
    Love all the street art you bring us.

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