Gallery – Gorillas !!

I am about three weeks behind in photo editing, writing and posting again and aim to catch up completely over the next week. It is the last full day of my Africa tours today so I will have some time soon – before reality,  and hopefully a job, finally catch up with me.

I couldn’t wait to look at my gorilla photos from the walk yesterday and after a quick scan here are the best of them. I will do a proper blog on the trip in a few days time.  needless to say it was very very cool!

These were all shot using the Canon 5d mk1 with the 50mm lens.  Only the second and last photos have been cropped, we were that close!


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Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, now living in London.
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2 Responses to Gallery – Gorillas !!

  1. lowephoto says:

    Man so so so so jealous… Awesome experience I bet.. photos are wicked Phil

    • wheresphil says:

      Thanks Bryan, it was an amazing experience, crashing round in steep wet jungle trying to get close to the gorillas was as much fun as watching them.

      Photography was pretty tough though, certainly not ideal conditions – but that makes it all the more worthwhile I guess.

      My respect for wildlife photographers grows every time I try to do some.

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