The dog ate my…. part two

My four legged friend Muttley has chewed through my laptop’s power cord, leaving me computerless at the moment.

I can access the interweb through my cell phone but there is no way I am going to write blog posts on it so until I get a new cord I will hold off blogging. Not that I have been up to much since I got back to Alcaucin.

I have done a couple of days gardening work, painting stars up again tomorrow. I did squeeze in a great three hour run on Saturday and went to see the great new Batman movie last night.

Pretty much sums it up !

I hope all is well in every ones world !

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Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, now living in London.
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  1. Alex Chan says:

    You can borrow my laptop powerpack. I believe it is the more or less the same model under the shell.

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