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Training run or trainee bank robber

Days 233-235, Friday-Sunday, 24-26 August 2012, Alcaucin. Friday was work day ! The sun is starting to rise a lot later now so being on the job at 7:00 am is just not much use anymore. I had a quick … Continue reading

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Malaga, lager, lager

Days 230-232, Tuesday-Thursday 21-23 August 2012 – Malaga No – I didn’t hit the beers, but “Malaga, rose, rose” – just doesn’t have the same ring. I was up early, said farewell to Ian and down at the bus stop … Continue reading

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Ten days and two good runs

Days 220-229, 11-20 August 2012 – Alcaucin Apart from a couple of great runs and a movie or three, not a lot happened for the first ten days after Muttley chewed the power cord for my laptop. In hindsight, the … Continue reading

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50 for 50

In one month today I will be fifty years old, a milestone that I have been anticipating for a while, yet one that has just sort of snuck up on me in the last few weeks and one I was unprepared … Continue reading

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The dog ate my…. part two

My four legged friend Muttley has chewed through my laptop’s power cord, leaving me computerless at the moment. I can access the interweb through my cell phone but there is no way I am going to write blog posts on it so until I get a … Continue reading

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Resting up

Day 218/219, Thursday/Friday 09/10 August 2012 – Alcaucin I Slept Ok but didn’t really get going till just before nine. It was hot in Malaga, 37 degrees when I got off the bus last night but I did not want … Continue reading

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Random spam comments

I am pretty sure I am not the only blogger who gets random spam comments. I have been collecting the good ones for a couple of weeks, they do provide some entertainment.  I imagine that some of you have had … Continue reading

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Oops, I did it again !!

Day 217, Wednesday 08 August 2012 – ??? A much quieter night last night so a lot more sleep had and like yesterday I didn’t get up until breakfast time at 8:30. With only a small walk planned today I … Continue reading

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Siete Lagunas

Day 216, Tuesday 07 August 2012 – Trevelez Noisy night in Trevelez, I think Spain must be the noisiest country I have visited ! I am staying on the first floor of La Fragua, a one star hotel that is … Continue reading

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Day 215, Monday 06 August 2012 – Trevelez I had a great sleep last night and was awake early enough to eat one of the muesli bars I bought yesterday and get out the door by 8:00 to go run … Continue reading

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