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Run to the hills

Day 208, Monday 30 July 2012, Alcaucin I have not really had a great sleep for a while so popped half a magic pill last night in an attempt to get a good night in. I have had a few … Continue reading

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No rest for the not so wicked.

Day 207, Sunday 29 July 2012, Alcaucin I missed my seven months on the road anniversary yesterday, though I guess seven things are not really celebrated. I was up a bit later again today, this being a Sunday and in … Continue reading

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Work work work

Days 203-206, Wednesday-Saturday 25-28 July 2012 – Alcaucin Life has settled down for the past four days and with the exception of Friday each day has been like this – get up at 6.15, drink coffee, go to work and … Continue reading

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The dog ate my jeans….

Day 202, Tuesday 24 July 2012 – Alcaucin Arghhhhhhh, the bloody alarm went off at 6:15 again and it was time to get up, suck down a coffee and head out the door to work, thank goodness it only takes … Continue reading

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Work day !!!!

Day 201, Monday 23 July 2012 – Alcaucin Work day ! It has been a while since I last used the W word and meant it, let alone actually did any of it personally, so I was verging on enthusiastic … Continue reading

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Day 200, Sunday 21 July 2012 – Alcaucin I am only posting today as it is day two hundred on the road – or since I left New Zealand anyway. Not sure if taking some days off really counts as … Continue reading

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The first day of many

Day 199, Saturday 20 July 2012, Alcaucin Awake early after quite a warm night, hopefully I will get used to the warmth quickly, I imagine so. At least it is only hot here; there is none of the draining humidity … Continue reading

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Ryan Air – it doesn’t get any better

Day 198, Friday 19 July 2012 – Barcelona to Alcaucin My final sleep in Barcelona was pretty much as lousy as the first two. I thought a couple of whiskies might have eased me into a doze, but at 1:30 … Continue reading

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Chucks do eight

Day 197,Thursday 18 July 2012 – Barcelona Probably due to the half sleeping pill I popped or possibly because I had only had a couple of glasses of el cheapo rioja instead of the normal three or four – whatever … Continue reading

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Gallery – Street art in Barcelona

This gallery contains 20 photos.

There is a huge amount of graffiti in Barcelona, most of it is just scribbled tagging,  though  I am sure there is some pithy political statements in among the scrawl, sadly it is all Spanish to me, so you my … Continue reading

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