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Down day in BKK

Day 55, Tuesday, 28 Feb 2012, Bangkok Woke up feeling a wee bit jaded but not too bad, the worse thing was it was hot last night so I did not sleep in the sleeping bag liner and am now … Continue reading

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A day at the embassy

Day 54, Monday 27 Feb 2012, Bangkok Grrrrr, lousy sleep again, so tired again today, I really wish I could just go to sleep any where and any time and sleep till I wake up or the morning – whatever … Continue reading

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Sights, sites, pets and food

Day 53, Sunday 26 Feb 2012, Bangkok Not my finest blog post, certainly not a post the day deserves, I really enjoyed the temple and the palace visits, but have run out of blogging steam tonight. Will let the pictures … Continue reading

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Gallery – The stone heads of Wat Po and the Grand Palace, Bangkok

This gallery contains 12 photos.

I love these, just love them…

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Gallery – things tourists wear.

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Seen at Bangkok Grand Palace Two camers – each !!!  WTF are they the paparazzi ? was there something on I missed ? No – just photogs with too much cash, note one is Nikon the other is Canon. Ok, … Continue reading

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The worlds biggest market

Day 52, Saturday 25 Feb 2012, Bangkok As seems to be the tradition lately I had a lousy sleep, if I  slept at all.  Up earlyish for an explore of the hostel and to see if they had free breakfast … Continue reading

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Umbrellas are deadly weapons.

Day 51, Friday 24 Feb 2012, Cebu – Bangkok Last day in the Philippines today, shame to have spent it in Cebu, I would much rather have my final taste of the place on one of the dive islands – … Continue reading

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Diving over – back to semi-reality

Day 50, Thursday 23 Feb 2012, Malapascua and back to Cebu Last morning in Malapascua, shame to leave as it is a nice place, could have done with a few more English speakers for it to have been great. I … Continue reading

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Wall dives and sunsets

Day 58, Wednesday 22 Feb 2012, Malapascua I will start this post with a minutes silence to remember the earthquake in Christchurch a year ago today. I have a few good friends there and thankfully none were amongst those that … Continue reading

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Sharks !!!

Day 57, Tuesday 21 Feb 2012, Malapascua Today was 2102 2012 – If I had been home in New Zealand, this would have been a photography day, one of those cool dates that need to be documented somehow. But anyway, I … Continue reading

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