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“Freedom !!!! You are so lucky !”, said a work colleague at my farewell morning tea last Friday. I am not quite sure where luck came into it, this was was something I have been planning and “saving for“ for … Continue reading

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First day of the rest of my life.

Saturday 29 Oct 2011 was the first day of my new life, the first day with no job to go to on Monday, or any other Mondays in the near future.  It was a good day. It started with my … Continue reading

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The nest is now empty

The past week has seen the completion of a couple of key tasks in my pre-travel plan as well as the end of a couple of era’s. Yesterday saw the successful passing of three key milestones in work projects . … Continue reading

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The new toy

  The Panasonic GF1 was the preferred choice of camera for my travels, it has the full manual control and inter-changeable lens features of a DSLR, packaged into something not much larger and heavier than a standard point and shoot. … Continue reading

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My new home

At the weekend I purchased my home for at least the first half of 2012, it doesn’t look like much, but I won’t be taking a lot with me. There have been a few good sales on recently so I … Continue reading

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Creating a blog is harder than it looks

or maybe I am just tired. I do not like the text editor used for writing posts, cannot see how to change the font from NTR to ariel, nor can I work out how to manage line spacing more effectively. … Continue reading

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